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Name Committee Type Term Ends Appointment
Andrew Breare Standards Parent 10.12.20 Resigned 31.08.18
Carolyn Bruce-Spencer Enterprise Apptd 02.10.19 Chair of Full Board, Child Protection Link
Lynn Chalinder Standards Parent 05.01.19 SEND Link
Ffion Coombs Standards Co-opt 15.02.20 Chair of Standards
Diane Creber Standards Apptd 24.04.22 Vice-chair of Standards, IAG Link
Rebecca Donnelly Standards Staff  28.10.22
Karen Edwards All Clerk
Rachael Green Enterprise Staff 26.01.20
Richard Greenacre Enterprise Co-opt 08.02.20
Lindsey Hall Enterprise Associate 24.04.22
Tristin Huq Standards Staff 21.10.18 Term of office ended
Roger Johnson Standards Apptd 08.02.20
Richard Killick Enterprise Co-opt 24.04.22 Vice-chair of Full Board
Wendy King Standards Parent 05.01.19
Sue Moreton Enterprise Staff 6.10.22
Tom Orchard Enterprise Apptd 08.02.20 Chair of Enterprise and Finance Link
Simon Pentecost Enterprise Apptd 11.10.20 Vice-chair of Enterprise and Health & Safety Link
Heidi Price Enterprise Apptd 23.03.19
Dan Roberts All Head Headteacher
Geoffrey Showell Standards Parent 10.12.20
Sue Viles Standards Apptd 08.02.20 Pupil Premium Link
Maurice West Standards Apptd 06.12.20
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Karen Edwards (


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