Some Messages


Enrichment week offering opportunities to have a go and things you would not normally be able to do. Having your own form room. Freedom to go on a bus.


I am going on a trip to Boulogne next year which is all about engineering and you visit awesome places like Lamborghini Museum and the Ducati factory. All the choices for enrichment are amazing, there must be 20 – 30 options. It’s brilliant.


Don’t be shy when you come to the school because school life will be filled with chances and if you should take them!


When I first came to the school I was worried about many things like would I fit in and would I know my way around the school. It is now a year since then and I have made many new friends and I do many clubs and I am in a band. There are so many things to do at DHSB it is unbelievable.


There are lots of clubs to do like football, rugby, badminton and so on. You get to learn interesting things in lessons and they are very enjoyable.