Catch Up Funding Summary

Image of students in class from Devonport High School for Boys

Catch Up Funding Summary

At DHSB we received catch up funding for the Covid lockdown and have the ability to support various interventions across the school in order to support our students:

Our allocated funding = £72K based on £80 per student in Years 7-11 (see breakdown below)

We have now been allocated a further £22K based on the DfE and Government calculations to support the students at the school. 

We can direct this funding as appropriate with accountability. We decided on a strategy to spend this over three years so every student who has been affected by the pandemic will be supported. This range of support will differ depending on individual circumstances and needs. 

The first focus of the spending is to equip departments with the resources they need to bridge any gaps in learning. This funding support strand has the widest impact on effective teaching and learning with targeted support for all year groups across the entire school.

The second strand focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of our students. We have seen from the PP funding that spending on counsellors and support workers has had a positive impact on closing the gap. It makes sense to target some money to increase support where necessary.

Finally the third strand of this funding is to support extra teaching support (bespoke groups / individuals) this also includes buying in tutoring from the national tutoring scheme if needed. This is to support specific individuals who may have the widest gaps in their learning.

Over the three years this will be reviewed to make sure the funding has been directed to have the biggest impact on closing any gaps students have within their learning.