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A confident and accurate command of spoken and written English is essential to the enjoyment and success experienced in everyday life. Irrespective of students’ aspirations, English is invaluable for their future.

To this end, our aim is to equip students at DHSB with the skills that they need to engage fully and meaningfully in real life contexts. In order to achieve this aim, we offer a varied curriculum that draws on a broad range of texts to interest and inspire students.

We offer the opportunity to explore language, literature, creative writing skills, multi-modal texts, plays and poetry with an emphasis on independent and imaginative thinking.

Students will learn to read and reflect, write and review, craft and create texts as well as to discuss and debate them. Students will also learn to communicate their knowledge and understanding in fluent, articulate and precise ways. The ability to analyse and interpret complex information is an important and necessary skill but alongside this we want students to develop an appreciation and love of language so that they can interpret events, situations or ideas for themselves and enjoy doing so.

The ability to reason, apply logic to an argument, persuade and explain are all skills that are highly valued. If students can also respond with empathy and understanding then they will have a distinct advantage in life as well as the workplace.

Tracey Downes

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