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Digital Enterprise

Business, Economics, Computer Science and Digital Enterprise


Learning through enterprise

1. Building skills and attitudes to meet the needs of the future.
2. Creating an ethos of taking calculated risks and a ‘can do’ attitude.
3. Developing business and technology capabilities of every student through their experiences in lessons through a dynamic and forward thinking curriculum.​

In practice​


Our Digital Enterprise curriculum in years 7 & 8 introduces students to business and computing, developing both curriculum based knowledge and employability skills. It is a creative, largely project based curriculum, blending both business and computing. Whilst learning key content it also provides regular opportunity to practise skills such as problem solving, teamwork, adaptability, initiative, and communication skills.​

Year 9 Business students focus on developing an understanding of business in a real life context. This is through project work with a real focus on understanding how businesses work and on developing their individual employability skills. Year 9 ends with students practising their skills, and learning through practical experience with running their own business stalls at the summer festival

As students move through the school we aim to create and maintain a love of the subjects they choose to study and to develop a culture where students are curious to learn more. There is inevitably an increased focus on enabling them to achieve excellent exam results, but this is blended again, with equipping them with the skills they need to progress outside of school. We provide lots of links to past students to talk about their careers and university choices and at 6th form have regular debates, developing communication, self confidence and evaluation skills which should help our students to stand out in both exams and employment situations.

Dan Alsop

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