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Business, Economics, Computer Science and Digital Enterprise


Learning through enterprise

1. Building skills and attitudes to meet the needs of the future.
2. Creating an ethos of taking calculated risks and a ‘can do’ attitude.
3. Developing business and technology capabilities of every student through their experiences in lessons through a dynamic and forward thinking curriculum.

In practice

LiNK our 2017/18 Year 12 Young Enterprise team has been researching the needs of dementia suffers in a bid to develop a product that may support their needs and help other to provide effective care. They are developing an online and paper based diary that will have visuals linked to key dates, all in a size and format that is sympathetic and appropriate for sufferers needs.

Year 9 students are currently building their business plans in preparation for the 2018 summer stalls. They will provide the retail side of this year’s Summer Fayre. The process starts by students working with their peer group with complementary skills. Over the next few months they will complete a business plan before pitching their ideas to Mr Alsop, a former small business financial lender for NatWest.

Year 8 business and enterprise students are also taking part in the Animation 18 competition put on and run by Manchester University. They are tasked with producing a one minute clip that tackles issues surround e-safety. The starting point is to ‘story board’ their animation before getting approval to commit their ideas to the computer screen.

Alan Jenkins

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