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11 November 2022

On Wednesday Mr Berryman led our whole school assembly on the theme of Remembrance.

The assembly provided an opportunity to reflect on why we wear a poppy and why it is so important to remember the fallen in all conflicts around the world.

This year we also remembered our late monarch Queen Elizabeth II who was a member of the armed forces during World War II. We thought about how she served us and the Commonwealth.

The assembly included the school roll of honour with names read by Sixth Form students, as is our tradition each November, and time for silence and reflection.

Please use the link below to watch the assembly and remember those who have connections with your family and those who lost their lives in conflict to give us our freedoms today.

Special thanks to Noah Evans12CLJ who edited and produced the excellent video.

Reflections on the Remembrance Assembly

Following the assembly, Miss Nally, Teacher of English, shared her reflections with us.

She said, "Each year I find the Remembrance Assembly incredibly moving because of the numbers of young men we have in front of us. I can't help but connect those we sit beside with those the school lost; I imagine what it would be like to turn up to school one day and find that number of boys I care about missing".

Miss Nally is following a challenge to write every day in November and has shared her words with us.

Four rows of eight Thirty two

Next door the same Sixty four

Five rooms on this floor Eight score

Same above

Same below

Then four blocks in a row Full

Tipped teen faces

Agog and aglow

In dimmed classes

Fixed on footage... ...

Thank you Miss Nally.

Thanks are also due to Mrs Flack who designed this poppy art installation, displayed in the Guard Room (visitor reception) this week.

In addition to the poppies, Mrs Flack has used acorn cups from the oak tree in the Year 7 playground to create a felt acorn autumn display.

She said, "I love the expression 'from little acorns, mighty oaks grow'. It always makes me think of our students and their journey here".

Student News

Well done to Jacob Blacker-Rose 10C who competed in the LTA junior national tournament at the Nottingham National Tennis Centre during half term. Jacob won the doubles event - congratulations.

Conratulations also to George Shaw 8E who was awarded the Cadet of the Year Cup at Tamar River Sailing Club, whilst working towards his stage four RYA award.

Helping your teen find the balance with tech

Thank you to Ms Weaver, SENCO, for sharing this useful link with advice for parents on helping students to find the right screen time.

Topics in the blog post include Finding their five-a-day and When is screen time good screen time?

PSHEE Activities

You have already read about our whole school Remembrance assembly from Mr Berryman on Wednesday.

Years 7, 8 and 9 students all had similar lessons on Friday as they continued with their introduction to the new platform, Unifrog, completing various activities designed to familiarise them with using different areas whilst carrying out individualised research on career options.

Year 10 students began a three-week rotation around the annual tutor carousel, as usual covering an eclectic mix of subjects including:-

  • Travelling and South America

  • Driving and buying a car

  • Photography, image manipulation and fake news

  • Plymouth Sound National Marine Park

  • NI and the UK

  • Since Hitler considered himself an artist, is a painting by Hitler art?

Which of these topics would you like to hear about? I hope to catch most of them over the next few weeks.

Year 11 students worked on their final preparations for mock exams which begin at the end of next week.

An added extra this week as on Wednesday I took a group of Year 7 and Year 8 students to an event at Devonport Market Hall called ‘The Future is Immersive!’

The students were selected as they were either digital leaders or had shown particular interest during their enterprise lessons and as part of the morning they took part in a session in the 3D immersive dome which was amazing as usual (especially the dinosaur...)

This is a great way to allow students to research potential careers and to try out new technology.

If you would like to see for yourself the Market Hall is opening to the public this weekend for ‘Get immersed’ where children and adults can get a hands-on, close-up, 360 degree taste of the future!

Visit the Real Ideas website for details of other events.

Ms Moreton

Sixth Form Enrichment and Tutorial

Year 12 students were encouraged by tutors to get on their (hypothetical) VESPA (resources on vision, effort, systems, practice, and attitude) as they move through the year whilst Year 13 students had an introductory session on Interviews ahead of HE and Job applications with Ms Wilkinson and Mr Burt.

During period 2 this morning, all KS5 students had the opportunity to learn more about the lives of others, from two wonderful 18 year old students from Israel .

Ariel and Yuval were impressive in their delivery and I was proud of our Year 12 for the interest and engagement they showed through 15 minutes of Q and A at the end before our two minute silence for Remembrance.

Ms Davidson

Sports Update


Thank you to Mr Orkney, Ms Wilkinson, Mr Brewer and Mrs Lyons for taking a coach full of our students to Twickenham on Sunday to watch the autumn international.

It’s great for students to have an opportunity to attend an event like this and we were delighted to receive compliments about our students’ behaviour from members of the public.


Well done to the U14 badminton team who beat Eggbuckland, Stoke Damerel and Heles in the central venue competition this week.


Congratulations to the Year 7 football team who progressed to round two of the Plymouth Schools Cup following a tough 2 - 1 victory against Coombe Dean School.

Mr Strang said, "Well done to both teams for a highly competitive game".

Also pictured are the 2nd and 3rd XI teams, Mr Orkney said the teams competed against PHSG in a friendly match on Wednesday afternoon.


Mr Bunney said it was a brilliant game for the Year 7 rugby team at Mount Kelly on Wednesday.

The team was 3 - 1 down (in tries) at half term and then pulled it back to 3 - 3 but conceded a try with minutes to go to finish 4 - 3 to Mound Kelly.

A very promising match for the team. Thanks to Mount Kelly for the game and refreshments.

The U16 Rugby team played in the central venue competition today. We hope to catch up with the team to bring you their results later this afternoon.

Stop press:- The U16 rugby teamis pictured in action at the Plymouth School's competition today at the KGV where they won all four of their games.

Cross Country

Well done to Kristyna who finished in second place in the Plymouth & West Devon Secondary Schools Athletics Competition yesterday.

The school also had great results in the senior boys cross country with Gregor and Sakthi finishing in third and fourth place respectively.

Following the senior boys, Jude took silver in the Year 7 event whilst we had top finishes in the junior and inter boys events.

Mr Carpenter said there were over 30 students taking part which was great representation.

Congratulations to everyone involved.


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