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18 June 2021

We’re delighted that teams of DHSB students returned to Ten Tors training last weekend.

Staff and students are working towards a Ten Tors event which will be held in June this year.

Many thanks to Mr Ames, Mr Adams, Ms Davidson, Mr Williamson and Mr Clifford who were out with students at the weekend. Mr Clifford has written this report.

On what was the hottest day of the year DHSB Ten Tors teams descended onto Dartmoor in sweltering (some might say blistering) weather conditions more akin to the Mediterranean to undertake some navigational training before taking part in this year’s Ten Tors event.

Teams were taken through various disciplines of navigation including micro navigation first-aid and river crossing procedures and protocols.

It was fantastic to see all of the students so enthusiastic to get out onto the moors once again. There were some really good examples of leadership and resilience across all of the teams throughout the day.

Teams muster and allocate safety equipment before setting off on their routes

Stunning vista across South Dartmoor as teams push on in the sweltering heat

Team 35B descend the aqueduct on the final turn for home

Student News

We were pleased to hear about Noah Carlisle’s ‘superb performance’ on Saturday playing for Cornwood Cricket Club against Exeter CC. This was Noah's Devon Cricket Premier League debut, playing alongside his older brother Ethan in the same squad, at this level, for the first time.

Noah opened the batting and scored 42 runs, staying in for 25 overs.

Noah is in 11C and Ethan is in 6AJD.

Well done to both students.

DofE Update

Well done to the Year 10 teams who completed their Bronze award expedition this weekend.

Four Silver walking teams were also out last weekend for a two day practice expedition.

And pictured here are student teams starting day three of their DofE Gold practice expedition from Widdecombe in the Moor on a glorious day.

Excellent Work

Our excellent work this week has been submitted by Mr Newton, Head of Music.

He said, “These are examples of excellent work from students in 7S. They have been working on a TV theme tune using Bandlab and then Wevideo”.

Zak Lewis-Watson

Benedict Ambler

Joseph Waine

Dan Lindsay


Our next, and final PTFA meeting for this academic year is on Wednesday 23 June, at 6.00pm. Due to the current restrictions it will again be held via Zoom. It would be lovely to see you if you are able to make it. Here are the details:

Topic: DHSB PTFA Meeting Time: Jun 23, 2021 6.00pm Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 812 3587 8276

Beverley Kinsella

Alumni Engagement & Archives, PTFA Liaison

PSHEE Activities

This week Year 7 students are learning how to go to sleep...hopefully not in the lesson!

They will discuss the importance of sleep to both physical and mental health, and how to promote good or better sleep patterns and routines, including some relaxation techniques.

Year 8 students are learning about defusing conflict - what to say, (and possibly more helpful what not to say) in a variety of different situations. They were asked to consider whether there is a sensible routine to go through that will generally help to sort out conflicts, small or large, in school or out.

Year 9 students had the first of two sex education lessons learning about "sexting" - the issues, potential problems and legalities in a variety of scenarios including how to deal with peer pressure in these sorts of situations.

Year 10 students completed their exam week, other than Art which will continue over the next couple of weeks. Next week is the turn of Year 9 who complete the sequence of school exams with assessments which will take place within normal lessons.

That's all for now - I hope to have the SPAG challenge results ready for next week's Head's Blog. Have a good week all.

Ms Moreton

Sports Update

The U13 cricket team lost a very close game to Mount Kelly in the semi final of the Devon Cup last Friday. It was a pleasure to watch two excellent teams playing such exciting cricket.

Special mention goes to Jack Martin 8N who scored 76 not out in a heroic knock.

The U13 A and B cricket teams also took part in the central venue competition this week with four wins out of four.

Well done everyone.

On Monday the school hosted the Plymouth Schools Year 8 football tournament.

Seven teams attended and the DHSB A team beat DHSB B team 2 - 1 in a closely contested final.

B Team

A Team

Surf Club

Thursday saw the second surf club of the season.

Mr Orkney said, " We had a fabulous night at Polzeath. Beautiful blue sky and 4 - 6 foot waves. Lots of boys are now getting to their feet but we still had some spectacular wipe outs".


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