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26 June 2015

What an amazing week we’ve all enjoyed.

Six residentials, 71 daily activities, over 700 students and 70 members of staff!

Well done and thank you to all staff but especially to Mr Coombes, Mrs Rasmussen and Mrs Donnelly for bringing the week together.

All our photos are available at the hashtag #dhsbcew. Please take time to look at these; just a few are copied here to give a flavour of what we’ve all being doing this week.

The excitement started last Friday evening at the Sixth Form prom.

Ms Davidson said this was a super evening, organised expertly and with flair by James and Jack Henniker.

Sixth Form Prom 2015

150626 Prom1

150626 Prom3

150626 Prom2

 Curriculum Enrichment Week 2015

We travelled to Tuscany

150626 Tuscany

and to Barcelona

150626 Barcelona

We completed our Gold DofE Expedition

150626 DofE1

150626 DofE2

and Work Experience placements

150626 Work Exp

We caught fish

150626 Fish

and helped with the washing up

150626 Dishes

We learnt about birds

150626 Birds

and snakes

150626 Snakes

We ate Italian pizza

150626 Pizza Tuscany

and cooked our own at Bushcraft

150626 Pizza Bush

We cycled

150626 Cycling

we climbed

150626 Climb

and we cooked our lunch

150626 Cooking

We gathered around the campfire in the bush

150626 Fire Bush

and in Cornwall

150626 Fire Sennen

Back at school we printed mugs

150626 Mugs

threw pots

150626 Pots

and started the summer works in the Learning Commons

150626 Learning Commons

Staff had fun too

150626 Staff7

150626 Staff6

150626 Staff4

150626 Staff2

150626 Staff1

150626 Staff5

Well, most staff did!

150626 Staff8

150626 Staff3

We enjoyed all these activities and many more but most of all we had fun,

learnt new things and enjoyed each other’s company

150626 Company


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