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4 November 2016

My Blog this week highlights many different and exciting opportunities open to students at this school.

Euroscola brings together about 600 students from all over the European Union for a day in Strasbourg discussing aspects of European integration, in multilingual working groups of 100 students.

The working group chooses a spokesperson to present the conclusions of its discussions to the participants assembled in a ‘plenary sitting’ in the Chamber of the European Parliament at the end of the afternoon. The participants then vote on these conclusions.

Harry Hyndman, Isobel Blythe and Emily Parker recently took up the opportunity to attend and Harry had this to say on behalf of the group.

“Euroscola was more than just a trip to the European Parliament; it was also a brilliant opportunity for us to discuss issues the EU is currently facing in English and French with young people from other EU countries. I was lucky enough to be chosen to chair a committee and speak in front of the Parliament on the subject of migration and integration. What we will also value is the opportunity to make so many friends with other young people who came from a variety of different EU countries.”



Senior Maths Challenge

Many congratulations to our Senior Maths Challenge Team who won the regional heat yesterday. Mr Huq says they will be travelling to London for the national final in February 2017.


We have two very special sporting achievements to report this week.

Owen Weymouth was called up at short notice to take part in the Red Bull Diving Series held in Dubai during half term. He is the youngest ever competitor.

A video highlighting all the action has been released and Owen says he can be seen diving at 22.5 minutes into the footage.


We’ve also heard that former student David King has been selected for the Olympic Podium Potential programme.

Funded by The National Lottery through UK Sport, British Athletics WCPP selection is based upon the potential to win medals at an Olympic or Paralympic Games (with special consideration given to the World Para Athletics Championships and the IAAF World Athletics Championships at London 2017) and is split into two levels: Podium (for athletes with the potential to win medals at London 2017 and Tokyo 2020) and Podium Potential (for athletes developing towards Tokyo 2020 and the Olympics in 2024).


Rocket Science Results

The RHS Campaign for School Gardening Team has released a report on the Rocket Science project. Overall, on average, the Earth seeds grew better than the space seeds, but not by much.

The report states this is most likely to be caused by the space seeds being slightly affected by radiation while on board the ISS. Despite this, they still grew and that is great news as it means there is potential to grow food on long-term missions or even another planet in the future.

Mrs Farnaby said, “The report has a quote from George Teague on page 16 and we guessed the right colour packet. Our boys did well and loved the experience”.


Sports Update

Well done to our Year 8 football team. Mr Manley reports the team is through to the fourth round of the national cup with a 4 – 0 win.


Future Events

Wednesday 9 November

Year 7 evening – Supporting your child with Literacy and Numeracy

Saturday 12 November

PTFA Shopping Trip to Cardiff


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