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Plymouth Parent Carer Voice Virtual Conference

Part 1 of the virtual SEND Conference is nearly here. We would love you to join us and to have your say.

On Monday the 8th of March we will be having a round table discussion on 'how can we make Plymouth more Disability friendly'?

If you could change one thing about Plymouth to make it more disability friendly what would it be?

Click here to let us know

We’ll discuss this with councillors and MPs in Plymouth to see what changes we can affect. You can be part of this round table event too.

Don’t forget you must be a member of the PPCV in order to access the conference.

All of the activities that week will take place in the evenings and we also have some amazing guest speakers joining us:

On Tuesday the 9th we have the author Luke Jackson (Freaks, Geeks and Asperger) as well as the celebrity Carrie Grant.

On Wednesday the 10th we have the actress/disability campaigner Samantha Renke,

On Thursday the 11th we will be having a 'Local Hero's' night were we will celebrate the achievements of some of our young people.

Register now by clicking this link and joining instructions specific to your membership number will be emailed next week.

We are so looking forward to seeing you.

Claire Paddon


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