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Youth Voices for Change

Youth Voices for Change: Under 18 Online Event with Luke Pollard

25 November from 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Arranged with Plymouth Information, Advice & Support for SEND

Luke Pollard MP invites under 18s to the next in his series of Zoom calls entitled ‘Youth Voices for Change’ – an informal discussion that will be held remotely and hosted by Luke, but led by you. In these sessions Luke hopes to understand the issues facing the youth during coronavirus and come up with potential solutions.

This event will be for under 18s in or from Plymouth, who have issues or suggestions they would like to share with their peers and with Luke. We will also have Councillor Jemima Laing, the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, on the call for safeguarding purposes.

Luke understands that the pandemic has impacted young people enormously; from mental health, employment opportunities, accessing support, and school and university grading and experiences. Luke wants to meet to give young people the opportunity to share their views and learn from and engage with each other. He is also keen to know how he might be able to help through his work in the city and in Parliament.

Under 18s Youth Voices for Change will be taking place on 25 November from 5.30pm – 6.30pm.

Please register in advance for this meeting via this Zoom link:


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