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Religious Studies

Rather than writing our blurb on the department ourselves, we decided to utilise our best asset – the students’ voices – these are their thoughts and opinions on what makes RS such a great subject at DHSB.

“The Religious Studies department provides some of the most engaging and thought provoking lessons available. It opens students’ minds to new ideas and a wider understanding, helping them to develop the skills of constructive arguing and critical analysis that can be fluidly transferred to situations outside the classroom, whilst encouraging them to question everything with a view to learning more and not taking things for granted.”

“The lesson topics spark intelligent debate, enabling you to think broadly about historical, social and moral issues. The interactive lessons create a deeper understanding of the world we live in from a moral as well as a secular standpoint; it questions you and pushes you towards new ideas. It gives you better insight and a broader view towards what is happening in the world today.”

“RS is a great lesson to go to. The teachers are nice and friendly and they make the lessons fun. Nothing has ever been boring in RS. RS is a brilliant lesson; I feel it has helped me build confidence, develop my own personal views on issues around the world and teach me about subjects and topics I would never have heard about without RS. It gives us a space to feel comfortable.”

Melanie Walker

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