School Development Plan 2017 – 2018

Executive Summary
Students achieve the highest academic standards

➢     Implementation of curriculum and assessment changes.

➢     Continued focus on the needs of different groups to raise achievement.

➢     Emphasis on ensuring all students are challenged and make excellent progress in their learning.

➢     A whole-school focus on literacy and oracy.

➢     Promote an expectation of reflection, review and a commitment to improve to achieve excellence.

➢     Develop appropriate homework that stretches and challenges learning.

All staff seek to become even better

➢     Develop and share good practice through our appraisal system to ensure all staff extend their opportunities for professional development.

➢     Developing the pedagogy of teachers with regard to excellence in the classroom.

➢     Emphasis on internal collaboration for CPD to build collective capacity.

➢     Improving the quality of provision for the induction of new staff to the school’s culture and systems.

Leadership at all levels

➢     Embedding and enhancing the extensive leadership opportunities for students.

➢     Building the consistency and development of all leaders across the school particularly middle leaders.

➢     Continue to formulate and review the school’s self-evaluation of its improvement through consultation with all stakeholders.

➢     Enhance the support of staff and student wellbeing through a collective approach.

Collaboration and community

➢     Widen access to improve social mobility by overcoming barriers in the community.

➢     Improve the consistency and clarity of communication to students, staff, parents and the wider community.

➢     Enable families to support their children through regular engagement events.

➢     Promote and embed British Values and the Prevent agenda.

➢     Celebrate success and commitment to serving the community through the DHSB Community Awards.

➢     Enhance and improve our internal and external environment.

Creative and entrepreneurial spirit

➢     Make joy, curiosity and the ability to ask the right questions at the right time the criteria by which we measure our school.

➢     Overcome the barriers to recruitment and retention, reflected nationally.

➢     Maximise income generation through existing and new ventures.

➢     Continue to use the latest cutting edge technology creatively and innovatively influencing the wider educational community.

➢     Transform the influence and impact that the DHSB Alumni (Old Boys) has on current students and staff.

Progress towards priorities

December 2017

March 2018

July 2018