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11+ Familiarisation

Image of students in class from Devonport High School for Boys

11+ Familiarisation Sessions

We will offer 11+ familiarisation sessions on 14 & 15 June 2023 and the registration for these sessions will open on 17 April 2023. Please use these links to access the registration forms.

The familiarisation sessions will be held in our Sports Hall and the intention is to help children to become familiar with this exam setting. Candidates will take a Mathematics paper and will be given an English paper with comprehension and composition questions to complete at home.

Both papers will be set by the school. Mark schemes will also be provided in order for the papers to be used diagnostically at home and all the papers will be available to download, free of charge, from our website.


See the links below.


Attending a session and taking a practice paper in an exam hall provides a valuable experience but this is not essential and all candidates for the actual 11+ will be welcome regardless of whether they have attended a familiarisation session.

Familiarisation Materials

We are pleased to provide sets of familiarisation materials which we hope you will find useful in preparing for the 11+ tests.

GL Assessment 11+ Familiarisation Materials​

11+ Guidance Video

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