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Image of students walking from Devonport High School for Boys

All students who attend this school are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, suitably differentiated to meet individual needs.



It is our policy to assist all our students to achieve their full social, emotional and academic potential, both within the school community and in wider contexts.  Provision will be made for those whose needs are not easily met within the normal academic and pastoral curriculum so that they may remain as fully integrated as possible.

Please complete and submit this form if you wish to receive an email when the SEND or Family Support Advisor list of Events, Information and Opportunities is updated. The message will be sent to the recorded email address.

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Jo Weaver


Key documents

Special Education Needs and Disability Policy reviewed 2024


SEN Report reviewed 2024

Useful links and resources

ADHD Padlet


Anxiety padlet

Neurodiversity Wellbeing Team Flyer

Events, information and opportunities

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