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 Strategic Priorities

Image of students in class from Devonport High School for Boys

Strategic Priorities 2022 - 2027


1 Students achieve their highest academic potential

a. Continued focus on raising the achievement of all students from their specific starting points. 

b. Development of our curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment and embeds cross curricular links and effectively develops rich knowledge. 

c. Emphasis on ensuring all students are challenged and make excellent progress in their learning.

d. Improve the disciplinary literacy for all our students in all our subject areas supporting literacy skills to be developed generally and subject specifically.


2 All staff endeavour for excellence

a. Develop and share good practice through our appraisal system to ensure all staff extend their opportunities for professional development.

b. Develop the pedagogy of teachers with regard to excellence in the classroom.

c. Teaching and learning focus on embedding the Rosenshine principles to improve the knowledge and memory of our students.

d. Create inspiring leaders who are highly committed to transforming our community.


3 Embracing inclusion and diversity

a. Forging a first class pastoral system that provides excellent support for all students, prioritising disadvantaged students and SEND at every opportunity.

b. Ensuring the health and well-being of all.

c.Celebrating diversity and promoting equality for all our community. 


4 Leadership and communities

a. Embedding and enhancing the extensive leadership opportunities for students with a focus on raising the ambition of younger students to become active citizens and problem solvers.

b. Widening horizons and presenting opportunities and possibilities - locally and globally.

c. Collaborating with vibrant networks to have a positive impact on others.


5 Shaping our futures

a. Improving our internal and external environment through investing more resources and energy into achieving an excellent environmental and sustainable ethos towards a net-zero strategy.

b. Developing future leaders with the flexibility and resilience to thrive and meet the future socio-economics needs of the world, using the DHSB alumni to inspire the next generation and fulfilling the Gatsby career benchmarks.

c. Being driven and determined to improve social justice.


6 Creative spirit and innovative thinking

a. Improve the impact of the Arts on the personal and cultural development of all within our community.

b. Continue to use the latest cutting edge technology creatively and innovatively influencing the wider educational community.

c. Nurturing inventive minds to solve the problems and seize opportunities of future socio-economic needs.

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