Development Plan

Image of students in class from Devonport High School for Boys

School Development Plan 2021 - 2022

Executive Summary

Students achieve the highest academic standards


  • Continued focus on raising the achievement of all students from their specific starting points.

  • Development of our new curriculum to embed cross curricular links and effectively develop rich knowledge.

  • Emphasis on ensuring all students are challenged and make excellent progress in their learning.

  • Improve the disciplinary literacy for all our students in all our subject areas supporting literacy skills to be developed generally and subject specifically.


 All staff seek to become even better


  • Develop and share good practice through our appraisal system to ensure all staff extend their opportunities for professional development.

  • Developing the pedagogy of teachers with regard to excellence in the classroom.

  • Teaching and learning focus on embedding the Rosenshine principles to improve the knowledge and memory of our students.


Leadership at all levels


  • Embedding and enhancing the extensive leadership opportunities for students with a focus on raising the ambition of younger students to become active citizens and problem solvers.

  • Strengthen the support of staff and student wellbeing through a collective approach.


Collaboration and community


  • Improve the consistency and clarity of communication to students, staff, parents and the wider community.

  • Celebrate success and further promote more positive recognition for all students and staff in our community.

  • Improve our internal and external environment through investing more resources and energy into achieving an excellent environmental and sustainable ethos. 


Creative & entrepreneurial spirit


  • Improve the impact of the Arts on the personal and cultural development of all within our community.

  • Continue to use the latest cutting edge technology creatively and innovatively influencing the wider educational community.

  • Grow the influence of the DHSB Alumni in inspiring the next generation in the build up to the DHSB 125.

Progress towards priorities

March 2020

December 2020

March 2021

June 2021

March 2022