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Development Plan

Image of students in class from Devonport High School for Boys

School Development Plan 2023 - 2024

A brief summary of the key improvement areas


1 Students achieve their highest academic potential


  • Expectations for excellence in the classroom and outside the classroom

  • Reading

  • Writing 

  • Targeted academic support for those students not making progress


2 All staff endeavour for excellence


  • Develop the pedagogy of teachers with regard to excellence in the classroom.

  • Teaching and learning focus on embedding the Rosenshine principles to improve the knowledge and memory of our students.


3 Embracing inclusion and diversity


  • Improving attendance

  • Effectively implement the new Success Hub

  • Reestablish positive break times for all students

  • Celebrating success

  • Establishing a new Equality and Diversity plan

4 Leadership and communities


  • Embedding and enhancing the extensive leadership opportunities for students with a focus on raising the ambition of younger students to become active citizens and problem solvers.

  • All students get diverse cultural experiences. Create a DHSB Arts Award to encourage engagement

  • Arts - extra capacity for creative performance and clubs

  • Increase and revitalise the extracurricular offer and trips/experiences.


5 Shaping our futures


  • Improving our internal and external environment through investing more resources and energy into achieving an excellent environmental and sustainable ethos towards a net-zero strategy.

  • Re-introduction of work experience

  • Enhanced work related learning offer 


6 Creative spirit and innovative thinking


  • Complete a new digital strategy for 2022 - 2027

  • Develop a formalised digital literacy programme

Progress towards priorities - March 2024 update


Progress towards priorities - December 2023 update

Progress towards priorities - June 2023 update

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