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Will there be an open day this year?

We are unlikely to be able to provide an open day on site. However, we will be sharing a virtual tour and a video which we hope will support families and students as they think about their secondary school preferences. Link to virtual open day

Will there be a familiarisation session this year?

We will not be able to provide a familiarisation session on site but we will share a new Maths and English paper for children to do at home, along with other helpful guidance. If you are interested in this please complete the Google form on our website at this link to receive more information. 11+ Familiarisation

How do I register my son for the 11+ tests?

The 11+ registration form should have been completed by 28 August 2020. If you wish to make a late registration please contact Sarah Nicholson at

When will the 11+ tests take place this year?

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have received guidance from the Department for Education in relation to the 11 plus and how it should be administered. It has now been proposed between Plymouth City Council, Devonport High School for Boys, Devonport High School for Girls and Plymouth High School for Girls that the 11 plus test dates and result dates are moved. The confirmed dates for the tests are 7th November and 14th November 2020.

What 11+ test papers will my child take?

There are three papers:- English reading (GL Assessment multiple choice) Mathematics (GL Assessment multiple choice) English writing (DHSB paper) Practice papers are available to download free of charge on our website at this link:- 11+ Familiarisation

How does the marking work?

All three test papers will be marked. An average of the two GL Assessment multiple choice papers (Mathematics and English reading) will give your child’s rank. All candidates must also pass the DHSB English writing paper.

When we get the results, what do the A, B, C letters mean?

The A letter means that your child has passed the tests and can apply for a place at the school. The B letter means that your child has passed the tests and can apply for a place at the school. Your child's rank in the tests means that he may be put on the waiting list for a place in Year 7. The C letter means that your child has not qualified in the tests. We are sorry but he cannot be considered for a place at this selective school.

I don't understand the questions on the test paper.

Don’t worry, your child will have prepared at school and will be able to answer the types of questions on the test papers (even if it is a long time since you were at school).

My child is the only one from his school taking the tests.

Don’t worry, lots of children come to the tests on their own.

Do I need a tutor for my child?

It’s not necessary to have a tutor to prepare for the tests.

What if my child doesn't pass the test?

Don't worry. It’s important that you choose another school where your child will be happy. The A, B, C letters are sent to you in time for you to make your secondary school choices in October.

My primary school doesn’t have any information about the 11+.

It’s important for you to find out all that you need to know. Contact DHSB - we’re happy to help! 01752 208787

How can my child practice for the test?

You can do some practice tests at home if you like. There are lots of examples of Maths and English papers on our website at this link which you can use free of charge. 11+ Practice Papers

When will my child find out if he has a place at DHSB?

Places are allocated by the local authority and families receive an email or letter on the first working day in March. DHSB will also write to families who have a place that day.

What can we do to prepare our child for the test?

You can use the practice papers which are available on our website. Encourage your child to manage his time well during the test. This means leaving any questions and moving on to the next one if he is really stuck. If he has time towards the end of the test then he can go back to try these again. Link to 11+ practice papers

What do I have to do and when during the admissions process?'

Please attend an open evening (we welcome families whose children are in Year 4 and Year 5). Open evenings are usually held in July each year (please note there will be no open evening in July 2020 but we will provide a virtual tour of the school and other information) When you child is in Year 5 you should register him for the 11+ tests (the online form is available on our website usually from the start of the Summer term to the end of August). 11+ Registration Form You can also register your child for our free familiarisation session (please note that for 2020 you can register via a Google form on our website to receive test papers to use at home). 11+ Familiarisation Form The 11+ tests are usually taken on two Saturdays in September, when you child has just gone into Year 6.

Which test papers will take place on each Saturday?

The timings of the tests are copied here:- Saturday 7th November DHSB English composition (written) - 45 minutes GL Assessment English comprehension (multiple choice) - 45 minutes Saturday 14 November GL Assessment Maths (multiple choice) - 50 minutes

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