Sixth Form Admissions

DHSB welcomes applications from students wishing to join the school for the Sixth Form.
Open Evening

Our Open Evening will be held on Monday 2 December 2019. External applicants should attend at 17.00.

Please note there is very limited parking on site so we ask that you find an alternative if possible.


Information about our curriculum and examples of super-curricular opportunities available to our students can be found here:

Post-16 Curriculum Information

In order to follow a full A level curriculum at DHSB, you need to have achieved an Average Grade of 6.0 or higher from your best eight GCSEs and at least a grade 5 in both English and Mathematics. You can calculate your Average Grade by converting your unreformed GCSE Grades into equivalent new grades as follows:

GCSE Grade Equivalent Reformed Grade
A* 8.5
A 7.0
B 5.5
C 4.0
D 3.0
E 2.0
F 1.5
G 1.0