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Art forms an essential part of a balanced curriculum at DHSB. We aim to foster an enjoyment and love for the subject by offering opportunities for students to engage with the subject and develop a confidence to express themselves visually.

We follow a thematic approach, where drawing forms an empirical basis for learning. Through focused activities, students are shown how to use a range of media and techniques to build up a portfolio that reflects their skills, ideas, creativity and inventiveness.

The study of artists and their work forms an integral foundation to their learning. In addition to developing their knowledge and understanding, the study of artworks informs and inspires.

Opportunities to view and respond to artworks are made with visits to art galleries and with working with visiting artists.

The art staff are committed and enthusiastic and aim to nurture and draw out the strengths and unique qualities of each individual, whilst demanding high standards.

The importance of art in education is recognised by the National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD), who write,

‘Qualifications in art, craft and design introduce and signpost young people to potential careers in the visual and creative, heritage, cultural, and digital and design media industries, sectors that are contributing significantly to the UK economy and reputation on a competitive international and world- class platform.’

Andy Head

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