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Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we challenge you to change the world we live in. We want you to design something inspirational and innovative and to be different to everyone else because you believe your idea will work.  We want to guide you towards being the next James Dyson, to solve a problem in the most innovative way.

During the first two years at DHSB you will be carrying out invigorating projects in Food, Engineering and Design and Technology. These projects will cover all of the main stages in the design process from analysing a design brief through to pitching a solution. You will then specialise in your chosen GCSE discipline where you can build upon your strengths within DT.

You will learn a range of skills from freehand sketching to computer aided designing, sand casting to laser cutting and menu designing to MIG welding.

Whether you aspire to be the next Brunel, to take your innovation to the Dragon’s Den; whatever you chose to do after DHSB, Design Technology will help you develop skills for life.

“Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.” Charles Rolls

Al Morris

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