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Drama has an important role to play in the personal development of our students. The skills and qualities developed by students in drama, such as teamwork, creativity, leadership and risk-taking are assets in all subjects and all areas of life. Drama stimulates the imagination and allows students to explore issues and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

“Like theatre, drama in schools can unlock the use of imagination, intellect, empathy and courage. Through it, ideas, responses and feelings can be expressed and communicated. It carries the potential to challenge, to question and to bring about change.” Jude Kelly (theatre director).

The Drama department aim to create an atmosphere of security, trust and concentration, in order to promote self-esteem and provide all students with a sense of achievement regardless of academic ability.

All students are encouraged to participate in a range of drama activities and to evaluate their own and others’ contributions, students are taught to:

  • use a variety of dramatic conventions to explore ideas, issues, texts and meanings;

  • use different ways to convey action, character, atmosphere and tension in scripting and performing plays, e.g. through dialogue, movement, pace;

  • appreciate how the structure and organisation of scenes and plays contribute to dramatic effect;

  • evaluate critically the intentions and performance of dramas in which they have participated or have watched.


It’s about social skills, communication skills and having fun – we learn by doing!

“The most valuable asset a nation has is the creativity of its children.” Alan Plater (playwright)

Matthew Norris

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