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Image of students from Devonport High School for Boys

Responsible User Policy (RUP)

In other schools and institutions this policy would be known as an Acceptable User Policy.
At DHSB we encourage responsible users of our systems, networks and equipment so that you can make appropriate and informed choices, at any age.

All members of our school community using our network systems:

  • will not use ICT to cause any hurt, upset or disadvantage to others

  • will ensure, through being responsible users of technology, that personal, professional, or the school’s reputation is not compromised

  • will not visit inappropriate or malicious sites or parts of the school network through the school, wireless or mobile networks

  • will not attempt to run executable files on any of the school systems

  • will not send bulk emails to the school community

  • will not share their personal passwords

Support for Students and Parents


Students have access to support in school through our PHSEE and ICT courses in addition to various other events throughout the year. For parents and carers we are offering annual evening support sessions.

To access the schools eSafety policy or to contact us if you have any concerns related to eSafety then please do so through the school website.

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