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“Geography is a great adventure with purpose” (Michael Palin) and at DHSB this is no exception. Geography is a dynamic, engaging subject and we have a huge responsibility to prepare our young men to be successful in an ever changing and complex world.

It is imperative that students are able to grasp world events and the context in which they occur and our students are taught to question and investigate – skills that we believe will allow them to become effective citizens of the world. Geography teaching is strong. Engaging and challenging pedagogy ensures a balance between intellectual and practical skills within lessons.

Our curriculum is developed so students enjoy a blend of human and physical Geography, crucial as they move into GCSE and A level. Fieldwork is an important skill; we endeavour to make yearly visits for our students that include our local areas of Devonport and Stonehouse and further afield to Dartmoor and Pembrokeshire. We even run a trip to Iceland during Curriculum Enrichment Week.

Rachael Green

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