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10 September 2021

Hello everyone, we were delighted to welcome all our students back to DHSB this week.

It has been a real joy seeing everyone over the last couple of days and, following the induction programme, students are already beginning to feel a little more at ease and more confident about the year ahead.

I hope that as a family you have enjoyed yourselves over the summer and I am confident that although Covid-19 hasn’t gone away we are moving to a new period of adjusting to life with it.

I am confident that our students will continue to fulfil their responsibility personally and collectively to keep everyone safe by following the Covid-19 guidance and working hard to continue to do well with their learning.

I know that our parents and carers will also continue to provide support. Together we are a strong community and we must continue to pull together.

Thank you once again; we can look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Year 7

New Year 7 students are pictured enjoying their first day at DHSB.

Year 12

We also welcomed new Year 12 students to their induction day on Wednesday.

Ms Davidson, Assistant Head Post-16, writes, “We enjoyed the company of our new Year 12 students on Wednesday and here are Mr Orkney's form in a pose that completely sums up the spirit of the key stage 5 community as well as elements of the aims shared below”.

New Staff

New staff this year include Mr Oliver Classics, Mr Ellicott Finance Office, Mr Redfern Business, Mr May English and Mr Spencer Science (not pictured).

We wish them all the best as they join our school community.


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