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12 January 2024

Our talented cast, crew and orchestra are busy rehearsing for our school production of Les Misérables which will be performed in the DHSB Edgcumbe Theatre on 7, 8 and 9 February at 7.30pm.

Tickets are now available at this link and are selling fast so please don’t delay in securing your seats

Excellent Work

Our examples of excellent work this week have been shared by Ms Davidson from her Year 12 Biology class.

She said, “Year 12 students were investigating the gas exchange structures of fish and making the most of the opportunity by exploring their eyes to handle lenses too”.

STEAM Update

This week's STEAM blog post is written by Jude Tilley 7W about his experiences at our Science Club Eureka!

Last term I went to Eureka! science club after school on a Tuesday. I had an amazing time there. We carried out various experiments, made catapults, slime and hot chocolate. With the slime we tested the stretchiness, bounciness and downhill speed rollyness. We also experimented using different ingredients when making the slime to see how this changed it.

During the hot chocolate session, we put marshmallows in one cup and not in another, then carried out a scientific temperature check to find which one maintained the highest temperature for the longest. 

However, the experiments were not the only good part of Eureka! The teachers were great, encouraging us to try out different variables. We tried using white glue instead of clear glue when making slime, and varied the amounts of marshmallows added to the hot chocolate between lots and hardly any!

To conclude, Eureka! Science club was brilliantly interesting and lots of fun!

Thank you Jude.

Ms Davarian

Sixth Form Enrichment and Tutorial

In KS5 enrichment time today, Year 12 students spent their time with Ms Wilkinson talking stress tips: from taking time out to take part in a favourite sport, getting creative and letting creative juices flow to having a good night's sleep, the students are now armed with a magnitude of methods to empty their stress buckets. 

Year 13 students had the first in a series of three sessions looking at the topic of consent. They established a safe and open environment for serious discussions around consent and the law as well as recognising factors that might affect someone's ability to give consent. 

Mrs Briars-Delve

Physics Society

DHSB Physics Society welcomed back former student (and former DHSB Physics Ambassador) Tom Dobby to present last week's Friday lunchtime seminar to an audience from Years 11 to 13. 

The topic of the seminar was Group Automorphisms. This is a branch of mathematics that is interesting and beautiful, and is likely to be useful one day but we don't know yet what use it may have.

Tom's seminar was a tour-de-force whistle stop tour of Group Theory covering an immense breadth and depth of pure mathematics in the time available. Students gained a flavour of the kind of theoretical treatment of numbers and their relationships which may be explored within months of leaving school if they choose to read Mathematics at Cambridge University. 

Tom also shared insights into his experience of the first term of his course and life at Clare College Cambridge.

Dr Colvile

Sparx Maths and Sparx Reader

Each week we celebrate our highest performers in both Sparx Maths and Sparx Reader, two of our core homework platforms. We are proud of all of our students who complete their homework each week to such a high standard but these six students deserve a special mention.

Well done!

Sports Update


The Year 7 team played Plymstock School in the Plymouth Cup on Wednesday and made a superb comeback from 3 - 0 down to draw 4 - 4 and then win on penalties.

A fantastic effort.

Pictured are Mr Callicott and the team as they consider their strategy for penalties.


Also on Wednesday, Mr Carpenter said it was a fantastic finish at the Plymouth Year 8 basketball competition with our team winning their final two games and ending the campaign undefeated. 

Well done to all who took part. 

Congratulations again to the Year 8 basketball team, this time joined by Plymouth High School, who continued their unbeaten season with four wins in the Baketball England Junior NBA round of games yesterday. Our team for the tournament is the @LAClippers.


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