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15 August 2019

The rain showers didn’t dampen the spirits of students collecting their A level results in the Sixth Form Centre this morning and it wasn’t long before the sun started to shine!

Ms Davidson, Assistant Head Post-16, said, “Today marks a new direction for all our students and we wish them well in their future lives as they work now for the things that their success can bring them: freedom, joy, new friendships, a sense of purpose and long-lasting relationships. Their exam results are merely a stepping stone in their life journey”.

She added, “Results day marks quite an official transition from school to independence. We won’t have another leaving school day with these students, with their smiles and the stories behind each and every one of them. Their schooldays are a once in a lifetime experience that we are glad to have shared with them”.

Staff and families were on hand this morning to commend efforts and support students as they opened the envelopes containing their results.

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