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19 January 2024


This term we focus on Resilience as one of our core DHSB values and we have taken the chance to explore what it means to have a Growth Mindset.

Fundamental to that belief is the idea that intelligence and abilities can be developed through dedication and effort, rather than being fixed traits. To that end Mr Winstone has been using the assemblies this week to launch our Revision@DHSB website resource area. 

Several months of hard work by subject leaders have resulted in what we believe will be a wonderful support for all of our students from Year 7 to Year 13. Whilst some may see revision only as a pre-GCSE or A Level exam event, here at DHSB we want to support all year groups in establishing well rehearsed, effective strategies as early as possible to take away much of the stress and anxiety from the external exams seasons in those later year groups.

The resource - Revision@DHSB - can be accessed through our main DHSB website on the School Life menu and is designed to support both students and families. You will find subject specific revision guidance for all key stages, effective revision strategies with a focus on our Core 4 techniques, resources such as revision timetable planners to download and use, support to manage stress and anxiety with sources of support if needed and hints and tips from DHSB students who successfully navigated the exam seasons in recent years.

We hope that everyone finds this a useful tool alongside the ongoing support received from subject teachers throughout the school year.

Mr Winstone

Student News

Very well done to James Brinkworth 10W.

James will be competing at the Cornwall County Championships over the next few weekends competing in all 18 events. Last weekend saw the first event (800m freestyle) and James finished the race as the  Cornish County Age Group Champion. 

Congratulations James and good luck over the next few weeks.

Sparx Maths and Sparx Reader

Each week we celebrate our highest performers in both Sparx Maths and Sparx Reader, two of our core homework platforms. We are proud of all of our students who complete their homework each week to such a high standard but these six students deserve a special mention.

Well done!

Ten Tors

The DHSB Ten Tors selection and training continued last Saturday with our first day walk of 2024. Faced with ice and thick fog, the Year 9, 10 and 12 students demonstrated great determination, skill and fitness walking north and west of Postbridge.

The students are becoming more confident planning their own routes, recognising bogs and other obstacles to avoid, efficiently working in teams and improving their fitness, with over 25km walked this weekend.

This was made possible thanks to a small army of staff, volunteers and parents - thank you all!

To stay up to date with Ten Tors training and other DHSB Outdoor activities, please follow @dhsboutdoor on Instagram.

Mr Guy-Fierens

Excellent Work

Year 10 Physics - Alpha Scattering

Dr Colvile has shared these examples of Excellent Work and said, “ I was so impressed with the way students approached this task and entered into the historical context of this ground-breaking experiment in particle physics (Alpha Scattering)”.

He added, “Students combined depth of understanding of the science with a creative approach to the challenge of producing a piece of work in the format of a contemporary magazine article”.

Archie Vinnicombe 10C

Alex Cooper 10S

Click on this shared folder to see more examples of Excellent Work.

Sixth Form Enrichment and Tutorial

In KS5 tutorial time today, Year 12 students discussed the definitions of respect and tolerance and what these look like in reality. We then considered how these terms apply to life for us in the Sixth Form; how can we actively demonstrate respect and tolerance in school?

Year 13 studetns had their second session on Consent. This session focused on communicating wants and needs by introducing students to scenarios they may face in increasingly independent contexts, such as going to university or leaving home.  

We were also fortunate enough to have a visit today from Jonathan Marshall in our enrichment time to mark Holocaust Memorial Day next weekend. He shared the moving life story of Solly Irving - a survivor of the Holocaust who used to visit schools in Plymouth each year. Again, respect and tolerance shone through as key lessons to be learnt and embedded into our society.

As Solly said, “When you go out into the world try to be friends with people, especially those who appear to be different; talk to them and respect them, even though their beliefs may be different. After all, we are all part of the same human family, aren’t we? Try to create a better world than the one I had to endure.”

Mrs Briars- Delve

Founder’s Day

This week saw our Founder’s Day. DHSB was 128 years old on Tuesday 16 January.

Many thanks to Mrs Kinsella for this article which she published on the DHSB Alumni and Archives Facebook page.

Alonzo J Rider opened the doors of his newly bought school on 16 January 1896. He had wanted his own school for a very long time so I can imagine his excitement!

No doubt there was some trepidation too. He was clearly an exceptional person.

The write up on his funeral in the Western Morning News And Mercury on 14 February 1921 is testament to this.  Representatives from all the public bodies he was associated with came to pay their respects.

Les Misérables

Our talented cast, crew and orchestra are busy rehearsing for our school production of Les Misérables which will be performed in the DHSB Edgcumbe Theatre on 7, 8 and 9 February at 7.30pm.

Tickets are now available at this link and are selling fast so please don’t delay in securing your seats. 

Sports Update


Well done to the Year 10 football team, taking three wins from three games at this week’s central venue competition.

Well done also to the Year 11 team who took on Sir John Hunt in the Plymouth Cup on Wednesday. Unfortunately they lost the match 2 - 1.

With two more games scheduled for this week, Mr Bunney said, "It was great to give lots of other students a chance to play for the school team".

The 2nd XI team was back in action on Wednesday losing 4 - 0 away against the Plymouth College 1st XI side.

Mr Manley said it was an entertaining game in the Devon Wednesday League for the 1st XI this week which finished with a 7 - 5 victory against Lipson Academy.


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