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25 September 2015

It has been another busy week at DHSB as students and staff began to settle in and focus on the new year.

It was fantastic to see how quickly our students responded to supporting the current refugee crisis and we held a mufti day on Thursday. The proceeds will go to Save the Children.

I am extremely proud of the compassion and sense of responsibility for others that our students have; this was demonstrated last year as the school raised over £10K for various charities.

School Captain

I am delighted to finally be able to reveal our next School Captain. Joe Weeks has accepted the position and I am positive he will be incredibly successful in his new leadership role.

There will be a period of handover from Vikram who has been an outstanding leader in the last year. Thank you to him for the commitment and energy he has brought to the position.

150925 SC

New Students

I’ve enjoyed meeting our new students over the last couple of weeks. They are all settling into the school community very well.

Pictured are our Year 12 girls with Mr Burt, their Head of Year.

150925 Year 12

Site Update

More updates on some of the site improvements this week. One of the most popular projects to be completed is the boys’ toilets in Drake Block. This is an area which has received students’ comments in the last year and as a school we successfully generated additional income to finance the improvements. One student said this week, “It’s the best toilet I’ve ever been into”.

There was also much excitement on Monday as we opened the Learning Commons to students. We’ve received lots of positive comments about the new space and we’re pleased with the way students and staff have already started to use the facility.

150925 LC3

150925 LC2

150925 LC1

Invitation to Parents

Parents will have received an invitation to the PTFA AGM in the last couple of days. The meeting will be held on Wednesday 14 October at 6.30pm in our newly opened Learning Commons and we would like to see as many parents as possible.

PTFA members contribute very positively to the school in lots of different ways and we would love you to get involved too.

Our invitation is copied here. For more information please contact Mrs Armstrong at

Beautiful Brains and Amazing Lasers

We would also like to invite parents to a special event celebrating the International Year of Light.

Please join us on Friday 2nd October at 5.00pm when we are hosting the Institute of Physics lecture, ‘Beautiful Brains and Amazing Lasers’.

Mr Spearing said, “The speaker, Natalie Garrett, is a Biomedical Physics research scientist at the University of Exeter. She specialises in advanced laser imaging techniques with application to novel nano-particle drug delivery systems in biological specimens. The findings of her research will help the advancement of new medicines to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.”

If you are interested in attending this lecture then please contact Mr Spearing, Head of Physics, at

You’ll be made very welcome.

Sports News

The national cup kicked off this week with the following teams recording victories.

The Year 11 team finished 8 – 2 against Community School.

150925 Year 11

Year 11

The Year 10 team finished as winners in their match against Eggbuckland Community College and the Year 8 team beat Plymstock School 5 – 0.

150925 Year 8

Year 8

After school clubs reported good numbers with 40 attending the Hockey Club and 39 players attending Ultimate Frisbee training.

150925 Hockey Club

Hockey Club


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