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29 January 2021

I am delighted that the quality of our university candidates has been recognised by admission tutors again this year.

Six DHSB students have received offers from the University of Cambridge.

  • Olivia Ambler has an offer from Girton College, Cambridge to read Engineering

  • Jonah Barretto has an offer from Magdalene College, Cambridge to read Engineering

  • Will Ford has an offer from Emmanuel College, Cambridge to read Mathematics

  • Grace Hodge has an offer from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge to read Education with Psychology

  • Steven Luo has an offer from Trinity College Cambridge to read Medicine

  • Alex Weatherhead has an offer from St John's College, Cambridge to read Natural Sciences

Sharon Davidson, Assistant Head Post-16, said, “Being a teenager is hard today as they face so many pressures and we are delighted for our six Oxbridge offer holders this year. They have triumphed in the highly competitive initial steps of extra entrance tests and online interviews to secure an opportunity to study at such a prestigious institution. Despite the challenges of lockdowns and remote learning, we are proud of how they continue to engage in personal development and rigorous study to (hopefully) make their ambition become a reality this summer”

Whilst this week we are celebrating the success of students gaining offers for the highly competitive courses at Cambridge we are equally pleased for other students who are receiving offers for a variety of higher education and degree apprenticeship courses. The fields of Medicine, Engineering and Law continue to be increasingly popular study areas for those going into higher education as well as ‘Employment’ in the Business and Financial sector. Alongside these areas, a number of students are planning varied gap year opportunities and pathways. For these leavers in particular we encourage them to be patient and to take the time to explore their intellect and talents, while having fun and developing their entrepreneurial skill set in an ‘adaptive’ sense, This will be increasingly significant as our society moves through this pandemic.

Around the World in 40 Days

Thanks to Mr Orkney for this update.

Today is day 18/40 in our attempt to travel around the world as a school in 40 days. At the time of writing we have recorded almost 8,000 miles which brings us (via a slight detour) to the Indonesian island of Bali.

So enjoy a brief stop off here but then we need to push on as we are slightly behind schedule. A beautiful weekend of wind and rain is forecast so let's get out there and clock up some miles.

Good luck and thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

Link to Around the World Google Form

Looking Back

You may have seen a feature in the Plymouth Herald this week looking back on the foundation of the school. If you haven’t yet read this then please click on the link below which will take you to a pdf version of the feature.

Link to the Looking Back article

Well done and thank you to Beverley Kinsella, Coordinator of our 125 celebrations who write the article for publication.

Please use this link to sign-up to receive more information about our 125th anniversary year.

Register your interest here

Digital Leaders Update

On Monday, two of our Digital Leaders, Noah Evans 10C and George Cleeland-Smith 10E helped Ms Buckler to host a webinar detailing how a student digital leadership team can impact education.

Noah said, “We spoke about how the Digital Leader programme started, what we do and how we do it, and some of our biggest projects over the years. We also explained how other schools could start a Digital Leadership team, and what steps they should take to implement a successful programme. All in all, it was a great experience to show other schools what we at DHSB have successfully implemented and used over the past seven years”.

Well done Noah and George. Ms Buckler says you are great ambassadors for the school.

Please take the time to read through their slides where you can find out more about how a digital leader programme can have a positive impact in schools.

Link to slides

Student News


Well done to Isaac Souray 11S who has been continuing with his hobby of photography during this period of lockdown.

He has sent me three examples of his work and says that the image with the sun rays through the trees shows most technical skill.


Very well done to Byron Perry whose article on The Arecibo Observatory has been published on the Scientific Teen website.

Link to Byron's Arecibo Observatory feature

Byron is a regular contributor to the site with an article on 2020 space events due to be published soon. He also proofreads other students’ writing.

Byron Perry 6CMC

Excellent Work

Our examples of excellent work this week are from Ms Brown’s Year 7 Design and Technology class.

Ms Brown said, “These examples are from Year 7’s first online lesson learning the 3d drawing technique of isometric drawing. I am really impressed with their work”.

Jianyu Wang 7W

Benjamin Collins 7N

Noah Blee-Gardiner 7E

Student Book Reviews