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3 April 2020

Although it is the Easter holidays I wanted to post a brief Head’s Blog to continue to share news about our school community.

The school remains open for children of key workers and we have provided a different activity each day.

Through the week activities have included forensic science, fitness, cooking, origami and 3D art.

Excellent Work

These images have been shared by Mrs Burdon in the Art Department.

Mrs Burdon said, “This cross curricular project with Art and Biology looked at the anatomy of the eye and artist interpretations ranging from Salvador Dali to the technically accomplished etchings by Escher. Students in Year 7 have been completing their eye project for home learning through the use of sculptural techniques with ingenious and creative outcomes”.

She added, “These examples show Impressive dedication to home learning by DHSB students”.

eSafety Advice from Ms Buckler

Online Information

Sometimes access to online information can impact us negatively and this is becoming increasingly so with the spread of fake news around coronavirus. More often than not young people find it hard to separate fact from fiction and this can lead to unnecessary anxiety or confusion around recent news stories. have launched an advice guide on how to protect children from online scaremongering and fake news surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.  

You can read the full advice and guidance at this link.

It is always a good idea to fact check any information.  Here are five simple ways to check the information you read is reliable:

Use fact-checking sites like Full Fact or Snopes Do a search on the author or organisation that it comes from Check if the information comes from a reputable site Check if the web address looks suspicious If there are any images or videos do a search to see if they have been faked

Where can I go to get support to help keep my child safe online?

There is a lot of support available to keep your child safe online. Below are some useful links to help parents and carers:

Ms Buckler


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