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3 March 2023

A big day for sport at DHSB today as we welcomed a team from Hurstmere School for the Year 10 quarterfinal of the national cup.

Although we didn't win the match today we are very proud of our Year 10 team for getting through to the final eight teams in the national competition.

Very well done to all involved and good luck to Hurstmere in their semifinal match.


I met with a group of students interested in taking forward our EcoSchools work this morning.

We brainstormed lots of ideas and we’re going to set up small groups to look at different areas of conserving energy.

Excellent Work

This week we are sharing examples of Excellent Work from Mr Anderson's Core RE groups

Students have been studying the Philosophical Problem of Suffering and Evil and the implications of this upon the arguments for the existence of God. They have been developing their skills in reasoning and critical thinking.

Ten Tors Training

Dr Colvile says that the Ten Tors training went like clockwork last weekend with all teams within minutes of their routecards. One of the dots in this photo is the 35 mile team in the early evening sunlight and bitterly cold wind.

Student News Chess

Mr Butland is delighted to report success for the students at last weekend’s Devon team quickplay chess tournament. They finished five places above their seeding and won the graded trophy.

Caleb won 5/6 games, losing only to former world number nine, Grandmaster John Nunn.

Pictured are Devrim Phaneuf, Caleb Caleshu and Ben Wotton (missing Harry McCulloch).

Year 11 Revision Masterclass

This week saw our Year 11 students in revision masterclass with our very own Mr Martin. This gave a great opportunity to revisit some of the key principles of effective revision and to spend some time considering what their own personal revision programme will look like.

We hope they all found it informative and we look ahead to part two in two weeks time.

PSHEE Activities

Year 7 students this week had an introduction to the idea of apprenticeships. These can be a very real alternative for post GCSE or A level students, and certainly worth considering.

Continuing next week, classes will complete an online workbook which gives them further information and aims to develop skills as well.

Year 8 students were looking at online advertising - how his works, and perhaps more importantly how to opt out of unwanted material.

The Year 9 lesson was about social skills - is it possible to be truthful and tactful? What are the benefits of getting along with other people do you think? And how would you manage some of the scruples dilemmas?

Year 10 students considered how to deal with transitions and setbacks. We all deal with these in our regular lives as well as within a school environment - how can we learn to deal with such problems, hopefully accept and then move on?

Finally the Year 11 lesson covered dealing with potentially coercive relationships as part of the wider relationships and sex education programme. How would you recognise a controlling partner, or support a friend? The lesson was based around a short film called Spiralling.

Next week is National Careers Week and as well as lots of speakers in school we have asked all teachers to try and fit in some careers based discussion to their lessons - please try and do the same at home!

Talk about your own career, and/or advice you wished you'd been given as you approached school leaving age. I decided the most important thing was not to turn down opportunities just because they seem scary or inconvenient or just because they will take you outside your comfort zone...and of course, look after your teeth!

Also this week I’ve been asked to share this poster about the Early Careers Fair on Saturday 11 March.

Ms Moreton

Sixth Form Enrichment and Tutorial

“Fabulous Friday” says Ms Davidson. Yay to Year 12 students being guided through next steps and career goals by tutors. Thorough links were explored from UCAS Hub, careers week focus and Unifrog.

James Mathieson who left us in 2009 and is now working at Equitas Financial gave an insightful presentation on the value of a gaining and maintaining a good credit score, unsecured and secured loans and the likelihood of adverse credit scores being worn like a tattoo.

James advised students to consider Compound interest in credit cards and to use direct debits to pay off the maximum each month.and to clear the balance. He suggested to consider saving as paying yourself at the start of the month (as the money won't be there at the end)!

Period two today saw a full house in the theatre for our very popular KS5 Question Time with question topics ranging from political correctness, strikes, AI, right to privacy and rationing to preserve the planet. Students participated with great spirit and the panel prepared strong arguments and broad perspectives which we all benefited from.

Year 13 students in particular should be complimented on their audience participation. I was so impressed by their concise and clear responses to the statements.

Sports Update


The Year 10 football team got through another tricky test at St Peter’s Exeter this week in the Devon Cup QF. 2 - 1 winners in the end but came under pressure in the second half and could’ve gone either way. Well done everyone.

Unfortunately the Year 11 team is out of the Devon Cup after losing 3 - 2 against Ivybridge earlier this week.

In the Sixth Form the 2nd XI drew 2 - 2 in their match against Plymouth College and the 1st XI are through to the semifinal of the Jack Finch Cup after coming from behind to beat City College Plymouth 7 - 3.


Our Sixth Form netball team played Plymouth College this week in an exciting encounter. The game finished 44 - 22 to Plymouth College.

Well done to all those who took part.


A great afternoon spent at the Plymouth Life Centre for the Year 7 Plymouth Secondary Dodgeball Competition.

Our Year 7 squad were superb throughout.


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