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5 July 2019

What a brilliant week!

Curriculum Enrichment Week 2019 saw over 350 students on residentials across six countries and nearly 400 students on daily activities. 

A big thank you to staff and students for such a wonderful week and special thanks to Mr Coombes, Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Rasmussen who make it all possible.

This year our residentials took us to Bushcraft, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Cornwall, Sicilly, Geneva and Pembrokshire. We also sailed around the Cornish coast.

Here are just a few of the positive comments we have received:-

“I’ve been blown away by the photos of all the amazing things the boys have been given the opportunity to do this week. Hats off to the brilliant staff who made it all happen for them”

“My son is in year 7 and I can’t believe what he’s got to look forward to in years to come. Amazing school and staff”

“Boys have been exceptional this week. A great credit”

“Boys conducted themselves with the utmost politeness and courtesy”

“Students are confident in their communication skills”

190705 CEW (29) Vushcraft


190705 CEW (42) Barcelona

 Barcelona sports tour

190705 CEW (40) Lisbon

Lisbon sports tour

190705 CEW (19) Amsterdam


190705 CEW (10) Surf

Surfing in Sennen

190705 CEW (6) Sicily


190705 CEW (41) Sailing


190705 CEW (25) CERN


190705 CEW (13) Geog

Geography fieldwork in Pembrokshire

We also enjoyed many daily activities as this next set of photos show. Please scroll through our Twitter hashtag #dhsbcew to see the full extent of our adventures.

190705 CEW (36)

190705 CEW (39)

190705 CEW (1)

190705 CEW (38)

190705 CEW (37)

190705 CEW (35)

190705 CEW (34)

190705 CEW (30)

190705 CEW (28)

190705 CEW (27)

190705 CEW (26)

190705 CEW (20)