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5 June 2020

This week I’ve really enjoyed hearing from students about what they have been doing during the lockdown and their time at home.

As well as sharing some examples of students’ creativity in the Head’s Blog today I am looking for students and families to contribute to our next whole school assembly.

If you would like to have a chance of featuring in the assembly then please use the Google form at this link to share with me what you have been doing during lockdown. Please upload a photo if possible. The deadline for completing this is the end of school on Wednesday 10 June.

Whole School Assembly Google Form

These are just a few Ideas of what you could include.

  • What you have learnt about yourself or you may have learnt how to do something new?

  • A picture of you reading your favourite book.

  • A short poem you have created about what has been happening over the last couple of months.

  • Any new and creative ways that you are using technology during this time.

  • Any interesting encounters with nature you have had during the lockdown period or have you noticed things about the environment that you haven't appreciated before?

Student Successes

Very well done to Caleb and Parker Caleshu who both did brilliantly in this year’s Poetry by Heart competition.

This is a national competition which aims to help students to explore poetry widely by finding poems they like, learning them by heart and performing them to others.

Caleb 7P and Parker 10P were both awarded a runners-up certificate.

Congratulations to them and many thanks to Ms Davarian for supporting them.

Very well done also to Josef Sellors 9C who has won a prize in the Polly Glot Languages Spanish Haiku competition.

Here is his winning Haiku

Me gusta Chile

el partido hermoso

es su deporte

(I like Chile

the beautiful game

is their sport)

Thank you to Mrs Brooking who supported students in writing their Haiku and well done again to Josef.

Mrs Brooking is also going to award prizes to Sam Reynolds 8W, Josh WiIlcock 9P, Mckenzie Hyatt 7E, Ben Wotton 7C and Tom De WIlde 7S for their excellent efforts.

You can read their Haiku at this link.


I was really pleased to hear from Kai Benjamin about his band’s newest song. Kai’s band is called Varied Heights and the song is called Lock(Down/Up).

Kai said, “Our new song focuses on the current situation and how we can make the best of our time in isolation. Our aim was to project a positive and uplifting message as well as reminding people to think about the huge positive impact that lockdown has had on the environment”.

The band were invited to talk about their new song on BBC Radio Cornwall during half term.

If you missed their interview then you can still listen to the song here.

Excellent Work

Our Excellent Work this week has been submitted by Mr Morris and Ms Brown.

The first example is an isometric drawing by Flynn Abbott 7C.

Ms Brown says this is an ‘excellent sketch from Flynn which was his first attempt’.

The second example is by Ben King 9E who used OnShape 3d modelling software to produce a model of his phone. The aim is to develop skills in preparation for the NEA work next year and producing work to 3d print.

Mr Morris has sent me these two pieces of work that he is really impressed with.

He says he has been remotely teaching Year 9 students how to draw a Cam Toy using Onshape (an online 3D drawing package) and he has received some very successful outcomes. These two examples were produced by Josh Jones and Daniel Boyns within a few hours of the work being set.

They are drawn such that when the handle is turned the cams move the letters up and down.

Josh Jones 9E

Daniel Boyns 9C

And finally from D&T this week, this mini picnic bench and bird table are by Sam Hill 11W.

Ms Brown says are examples of ‘lovely practical work’

New School Website

I hope you have all had a chance to look at our new school website. I’m pleased that the switch during half term went very smoothly and you should find the site much easier to access on mobile devices.

We also now have a facility to keep our Covid-19 frequently asked questions up to date at this link:-

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Admission to DHSB in September 2021

A reminder that the 11+ registration form is live and should be completed by families who have a son in Year 5 who wishes to tak