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8 March 2019

This week in school our theme is Responsibility and Mrs Edwards explored this topic in our whole school assembly on Wednesday.

I’m sharing her presentation slides and video clips in the Head’s Blog today to provide an opportunity for you to discuss this theme at home as a family with your child.

190308 (10) WSA

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day yesterday with a Book Drop and Swap Shop.

Students and staff brought books into school that they wanted to pass on to someone else and were rewarded with new stories to take home and read themselves. The conversations about the books were really lively and everyone was pleased with their swaps.

We also have three big boxes of books to package up and pass on to younger children who live nearby.

The consensus is definitely to do this again next year! Thank you to everyone who took part and to Ms Nally and Ms Buckler for facilitating and supporting this event.

190308 (4) World Book Day

190308 World Book Day (2)

190308 World Book Day (1)

National Careers Week

We’ve participated in another national initiative this week with events planned by Ms Moreton for National Careers Week. Today we welcomed a fantastic group of external speakers who shared their career paths, advice and guidance with students in Year 10 and Year 11.

Ms Moreton will have a full round-up of the week’s events in her Blog on Monday.

190308 Careers 1

190308 Careers 2

Excellent Work

Please enjoy reading this piece of creative writing by Sam Green in 11W which Mrs McConnell has shared with me as an example of Excellent Work.

The stimulus for the piece was a previous GCSE English Language exam task – Write a story about two people from very different backgrounds.

Sam worked on the piece in class and then added to it at home. Please read the first two paragraphs here and then click on the link to read more.

The lady sauntered onto the bus, flashing a blinding smile with perfect white teeth at the bus driver, as she paid for her ticket. She slid her debit card into her crocodile-skin handbag, and walked regally to her throne – the plush leather seat at the rear of the bus. She elegantly sat down, before sliding her phone out of her pocket with elaborately manicured hands. She plugged in her earphones and settled down for the yawningly exciting journey to her job at the superstore.

The woman took a last glance back at the small settlement she called home, before focusing on loading luggage onto the inflatable boat. They were leaving; looking for a place to live, a place where guns didn’t rule and bombs didn’t trap them in explosive fear. Her family climbed onto the boat, making it wobble and shake in the small bay. More people got onto the bus – friends, people she had passed on the small mud trail on the way to collect water. The little engine on the back of the boat was turned on, and the driver threw the boat forward, heading away. The woman settled herself against the rigid edge of their escape vessel and thought about the uncertain future that lay before her.

UKMT Junior Team Maths Challenge

Very well done to our junior team who achieved silver at a very closely fought competition yesterday.

Ms Cunningham said our team was ‘excellent’.


Students and staff raise an enormous amount of funds for charities throughout the year and today I’d like to share news of  just two recent efforts.

Mr Bunney said, “A huge thank you to everyone that helped out and participated in our charity week for Teenage Cancer Trust; it was a brilliant week. A special mention to 8W for donating so many delicious cakes”.

190308 (7) Charity Week

Ms Moreton added, “Well done to Year 8 for raising almost £400 to sponsor some Guide Dogs puppies through training, especially 8S who raised the most and won some chocolates and some treats for the dogs”.

190308 (5) Guide Dogs

Sports Update


The defending champions West Buckland School were dispatched by a strong DHSB team in the semi-finals of the U13 Devon Hockey finals.

Mr Carpenter confirmed the A team finished as runners up on the day and are through to the regional finals. Well done!

190308 (3) Hockey


Congratulations also to the Year 10 football team – through to the Devon Cup semi-finals after beating Torquay Academy 4 – 2.

190308 (9) Year 10

Alumni News

Well done to former student Archie Hill pictured here at the England Rugby U17s south v north camp.

190308 (8) Archie Hill

Future Events

Friday 8 March

Year 9 student and parent/carer survey

Wednesday 13 March at 18.00

PTFA meeting

Friday 15 March

Year 7 student and parent/carer survey

Friday 22 March

Year 10 student and parent/carer survey

Friday 29 March

Year 11 student and parent/carer survey

Monday 1 April

PTFA Easter Raffle

Friday 5 April

Year 8 student and parent/carer survey

Friday 5 April

Final day of spring term two

Monday 22 April

Easter Monday (bank holiday)

Tuesday 23 April

First day of summer term one (B week)

Wednesday 24 April

eSafety talk for parents and carers (sign-up details available soon)


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