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9 June 2017

Congratulations to Isaac Hudson 9N who has been selected to be the first Plympton Youth Ambassador.

The Hon Secretary of the Plympton Community Council, Ms Kadoche, said “Isaac is a mature, outstanding young man who will set a high standard for this role”.

Isaac’s duties will include the following.

Representing the young people of Plympton by expressing their opinions at both the Plympton Community Council executive and full meetings, held bi-monthly.

Reporting back to the young people about Plympton Community Council members’ events and matters of interest expressed at the meetings.

Accompanying The Stannator on official engagements both local and civic occasions where possible.

We wish him every success in this responsible role.

170609 Isaac

Go4SET Engineering Challenge

It’s a hat trick as our school team is through to the National Science Engineering Finals once again.

Just before half term Mr Spearing had the privilege of taking two teams of students to compete in the annual Go4SET engineering challenge.

Each team had worked together to produce an engineering project to design an eco-friendly hotel. This involved students researching alternative ways to construct their hotel and to supply it with energy. Student had to write a report, build a model, prepare an exhibition stand and prepare a presentation for two judging panels. During this process each team got to work with a mentor from Industry to help them with their ideas.

Team A Robert Apostu, Angus Cotton, Frederick Westhead, Cameron McCance and Bailey May constructed a hotel that used a water wheel and solar power to provide the energy for their hotel.

170609 Team A

Team B Aidan Ricketts,Oscar Zimmerman, Lewis-Ray Penk, Luke Phillips, Max Robins and Cameron McFarlane created a hotel on a volcanic Island using geothermal energy to help power their hotel.

Team B created a model with real grass that they had been growing for six weeks to help the judges visualise what the hotel would look like.

170609 Team B

Each team did themselves proud and the feedback from the judges was very positive. Team B has successfully qualified to develop their model and ideas further and represent the school and the National Science and Engineering competition in Birmingham next year.

Excellent Work

These reports and photos from the Go4SET engineering challenge are great examples of excellent work this week.

Oscar Zimmerman from Team B summarised the project.

He said, “This was an amazing opportunity for our team to take part in the regional heats of a national competition. Each and every one of us benefitted from the chance to work on a major project supported by a professional mentor. We were really pleased with the feedback we received from the judges and how each one of us was able to contribute a different dimension to the final piece of work. We were over the moon to hear we were going to finals, the icing on the cake to our already fantastic experience! Going to the locations was also entertaining.

“Mr Spearing and Mr Loveridge were very helpful during the project and constantly checked on us and kept us up to date on certain details. Many thanks to them for letting us take part in this opportunity; we look forward to working with them in the next couple of months. Overall, it was an awesome activity”.

170609 Hotel

School Model Election

Mr Macleod writes, a massive thank you to all DHSB students who participated in the school model election yesterday.

The turnout was magnificent and even with three year groups having exams, two of which were out on study leave, nearly 700 students cast a vote.

As usual DHSB was at the cutting edge of democracy with fully electronic voting and I am sure where we lead others will follow (although they will need their own Alfie Carlisle before Parliamentary elections can catch up with us).

The results were fascinating with a large Labour victory. This may seem out of step with national results but maybe isn’t.

First indications suggest that the national election swung on the votes of the young first time voters and our school results reflected this movement of enthusiastic and informed young men and women determined to participate in the democratic process. Clearly Labour targeted their policies on the young with big social media campaigns and it is noticeable that the lead Labour had over the Conservatives in our poll increased dramatically amongst older students, suggesting that it is this demograph which could decide future elections.

Again DHSB is ahead of the curve and the leaders of the national parties could do far worse than look at our results before deciding on future policies!

Thank you again to Alfie for organising an extraordinary day despite being in the middle of GCSEs… Well done.

Mr Macloed

170609 GE

Alfie analyses the results

And finally

Well done to all students who took part in our SPAG Spelling Bee this week. The closely fought competition produced some worthy winners!

170609 Bee

Future Events

10 – 11 June DofE Bronze Award assessed expedition (Year 10)

12 – 16 June Year 8 exams week

17 – 18 June DofE Bronze Award assessed expedition (Year 10)


African Children’s Choir

We are hosting the African Children’s Choir on Wednesday 14 June at 7.00pm. There are a few tickets still available. Please use the contact details on this poster.

170609 African


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