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Martin Caruana

What are you doing now?

I live in Plymouth with my wife and three children. I’ve been running my accountancy firm, Beverston Accountants, since 2017 and it continues to grow.

What route did you take up to this point?

It was not a direct route from DHSB to accountancy. I attended art college, worked in retail and the Civil Service before finding my way to an apprenticeship at a local accountancy practice at age 21.

Any significant crossroads?

On reaching my 40s I knew there needed to be a change and the time was right for me to leave the comfort of employment. I became self employed and started up a new accountancy firm. It’s been hard work, but incredibly rewarding.

What have you learnt most about yourself?

I wasn’t very ambitious or confident when I left DHSB, which was more a reflection of me rather than the school. Since then, having a family has given me a purpose and the motivation to work hard. I realised I am much more capable and competitive than I thought.

What words of wisdom would you give to a student joining DHSB in Year 7?

You will do so much growing up and learning during your time at DHSB. Take the time to enjoy settling in and making new friends. Good friends at school will help you through the tough times, and could become your lifelong mates.

And for a Sixth Former leaving DHSB?

Leaving DHSB can be overwhelming and you might feel the pressure of wanting to make good choices which will set you up for life. Try not to overthink it and go for what you are good at and enjoy doing. If you make a wrong decision or experience failure, don’t worry. You can learn from it, make another decision and do something else.

Any fond memories of school you can share?

Playing rugby at the weekend and being cheered on by Mr Burrows.

Do you have a message for any of your teachers?

Thank you and sorry I didn’t always listen to you. Mr Burrows told me I would regret quitting rugby, and he was absolutely right. Also, thanks for teaching my two sons, Joe and George. They have out performed me and have so many opportunities ahead of them.


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