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Nick Green

What are you doing now?

I work at the Telegraph in London.  I am a sports sponsorship manager, responsible for selling in partnerships and working with brands around our sports content across print, digital and event platforms.  This involves working closely with editors, writers and sporting talent around big events and helping companies activate their sports sponsorships with the Telegraph.

What route did you take?

I studied Business Administration at Cardiff University after leaving DHSB.  I then did some traveling before starting my career on the graduate scheme at The Sun newspaper, in the commercial team, where I went on to work in the partnerships team.  I was there five years before joining the Telegraph after a brief career break. I have been at the Telegraph since 2010.

Words of wisdom for a Year 7 student?

You are joining a fantastic school and have a great journey ahead of you for the next five or more years, make the most of it!  You’ll make friends for life and will look fondly back on this time later in life.  I know everyone says that, but it’s true!  Have a blast, work hard and make the most of the opportunities this school will give you.

And for a Sixth Former leaving school?

Don’t panic if you don’t know what you want to do after leaving school, just enter the world with confidence and seize every opportunity. If you are going on to further or higher education new doors will open and new opportunities will present themselves.  Even if you are not, life will throw up chances and new adventures. Enjoy it!

Fond memories of school?

Many of my best friends I met at DHSB. I have attended their weddings, attended their 30th birthday parties, travelled to amazing places with – it all started at that school!  When I think back, I remember lots of laughs, good times and a positive experience.

Do you remember any of your teachers?

Mrs Bowden my first ever form teacher, Mr Bowden who taught me English (fantastically), Ms Davidson, Mr Butcher in Business Studies and the PE team are mainly still in place. I would just like to say thank you and for all the teachers, just know that you are making such a difference, helping set young people up for a rewarding life with skills and lifelong friendships.


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