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Nick Murray

What are you doing now?

I’m currently working at two Tech Startups. One of which I’ve founded with a friend and another of which is a new Digital Agency. Last year I co-founded TeachHub (, which is a new platform aiming to dramatically reduce the cost of recruitment for schools – allowing them to spend their money where it matters. I’m also working for Silicon Reef, a digital agency based in London with the aim of growing to reach the dizzying heights of the big digital agencies.

What route did you take up to this point?

I left DHSB and went to study Sports and Materials Science at the University of Birmingham. Afterwards, I spent a little time exploring the world before heading to London to work with a small (at the time!) digital agency based in Soho. This is where I realised the demand and opportunity with technology. I loved it and haven’t looked back since.

Any significant crossroads?

For me, realising that you’re a level choices and degree specialism isn’t the be all and end all of what your career would then end up being. If you work hard and want to learn, then the opportunities are endless.

What have you learnt most about yourself?

I have a desire to learn and understand how things work that I really didn’t know I had! It sounds clichéd, but being honest and interested are two key values that I try to maintain in all I do.

What words of wisdom would you give to a student joining DHSB in Year 7?

Really try to enjoy school and embrace everyone you are there with! Yes, it’s important to learn and do well throughout, but also enjoy the experiences and opportunities school can throw at you.

And for a Sixth Former leaving DHSB?

Don’t get swept up in doing something you don’t want to do. In my opinion, try to do what you enjoy and that will make the rest of your life much more entertaining. I have only been working for seven years but can honestly say it would feel like a lifetime if you didn’t enjoy what you were doing! Any fond memories of school you can share?

I loved school. I had a great group of friends throughout and we had a lot of fun from what I remember. The opportunity to go to Peru was unforgettable so thanks to those that made that happen.

Do you have a message for any of your teachers?

Mr Proctor – your knowledge of Physics always blew my mind, if I could remember a small portion of what you do, I’d class myself a genius!

Too many to specify them all individually, but thanks to all of you that taught me, and sorry if I was a pain at times!


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