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7 May 2021

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice” Martin Luther King Jr

Many thanks to Mr Macleod and a group of students who led our whole school assembly this week.

I am sharing the assembly slides and this introduction from Mr Macleod to give an opportunity for parents and carers to discuss the themes raised as a family with your child at home.

A big thank you to the students who took part in the assembly and to George Cleeland-Smith 10E who provided valuable technical support.

Jack Cox 8W, Ben Lewis 8W, Rocky Travers 8W, Jonathan Bautz 8E, Seren Raiman-Miles 6AJD, Alana Penney 6LME and Ottilie Trevor Harris DHSG.

With the lockdown over the past year it hasn't been possible for the school amnesty group to meet.

However on a national level Amnesty has been raising the connection between human rights and the impact of climate change.

The Malala Foundation has also been highlighting the impact of young people, particularly young women, who are holding their countries to account over the continued exploitation of natural resources which is having a huge impact on communities across the world.

This week’s whole school assembly tries to introduce students to some of these young people who are taking their inspirational message to international organisations like the UN and working together to bring about change as we emerge from the pandemic.

People like Artemisa Xakriaba from Brazil, Helena Gualinga from Ecuador, Leah Namugerwa from Uganda, Ranton Anjain from the pacific Islands and Vanya Sayimane from India and Emmanuel Jal from South Sudan.

Martin Luther King's famous saying about the arc of the moral universe bending towards justice is so true and all of these young people are adding their weight to moving it slowly in the right direction. We can all take their message and apply pressure ourselves in our own lives by making considered choices... and it works, only this week we have seeen major British supermarkets threatening to boycott Brazilian goods if the threat to the Amazon continues... this has only happened because the concerns of their customers is making an impact.

It really is possible to make a difference and protect human rights by protecting the planet.

Excellent Work

Mr Scott sent us a photo from his Year 13 Computer Science class yesterday.

He said, “My awesome Year 13 class led an impromptu game of ‘Computer Science concept Pictionary’ during their five minute break...this one is binary search…!”

DofE Update

Well done to the Silver DofE Award teams who completed their practice expedition last weekend.

The teams are pictured taking part in some first aid scenarios and practising skills such as making a hot drink and erecting a tent.

Congratulations also to the Silver award students who completed their practice cycling expedition.

Mr Huq said the second day was tough for them with the students taking a route from Totnes to Tuckenhay to Dittisham using the ferry across to Greenway and onto Stoke Gabriel before the return journey. 40km of hills!

PSHEE Activities

Two of our year groups had speakers this morning for their tutorial lesson, beginning with Year 7 who had a presentation from the Transport Police regarding safety on the railway. This talk covers playing around or near railways, as well as behaviour when travelling by train. As many of our students use the train to travel to and from school, we try to repeat this important safety presentation every year.

The other speaker, equally important but this time from a healthy lifestyle perspective was an old boy of the school, Harry Groves. He is currently studying at Plymouth University, but was today talking about his role as a representative for the charity Oddballs, who promote the necessity for self examination to check for testicular cancer. This is also a talk that we aim to arrange every year, but it was a bonus this year to have an alumnus talking to the boys, as well as showing off his rather jazzy branded car!

Year 8 and Year 9 students were covering aspects of the E in PSHE which is economic education.

The Year 8 lesson was all about the necessity for setting and making budgets - basically planning for different expenditures, and the Year 9 lesson expanded this to look at money through life, beginning to consider how their needs and wants may change over the next five or ten years. How do they think their priorities may change during that time - maybe thinking about saving for a mortgage rather than a new Xbox...

Finally for this week Year 10 students were able to use a new careers based web portal, called e-clips, to which we have recently purchased access with a grant from the HotSW Careers Hub.

As well as film clips and information about different careers as you might expect, there is also a ‘career wizard’ quiz which might help if someone has no idea what they want to do.

If you want to try it the site link is and the access code is roeffa69

If you would like to try out other careers sites, here is a link to the relevant page on the school website

That's it for another week - it is Year 9's chance to hear a speaker next Friday, and Year 8 students are going to be learning about sneezing...

Have a good week all.

Ms Moreton

PTFA Update

The PTFA is extending the deadline of our annual fundraising raffle which will now be drawn straight after the May half term. Tickets are £1.00 each or 15 for £10.00 and can be bought online through WisePay.

We have great prizes to be won: an Amazon Echo Show 8, cash prizes of, £100.00, £50.00 and £25.00, as well as our new DHSB branded merchandise.

Please support us if you can - it is much appreciated, especially as all our events have had to be cancelled. Thank you to those who have already bought your tickets.

We have another fundraiser too! Our online virtual music quiz. If you are interested in taking part and would like more details, please email Just a reminder also that all students have been sent an email with details of our popular photography competition for the PTFA fundraising academic calendar. Our next PTFA meeting will be held on Wednesday 12 May at 6.00pm, via Zoom. It would be lovely if you are able to join us. The minutes from our last meeting and agenda for 12 May are available below as is the Zoom meeting link.

Beverley Kinsella

PTFA Liaison) and the PTFA Committee


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